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Hi Mikael a.k.a RpgFinland here!

Bat Hill Alchemist is overworld turnbased combat rpg project made by me. I'm on Patreon to share my fresh demo with you and give people change to support this project go forward. I'll make special patrons only posts about game development, mechanics, behind the scenes and more importantly early access for new maps and story to play as I release morecontent.

Estimated playtime of the demo is 1-2 hours.

Demo Features: - Grind and craft for good gear! - Build you character stats as you like. - Fight total 6 bosses. - Crawl through dungeon. - Explore beautiful town and wild maps. - Fully works with your gamepad!

Read more and Download demo from my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/bathillalchemist

File size is quite large, but that's mainly becase wonderful custom textures, music and scripts.

Thank you for playing! It would be so nice to hear your thoughts about this project!


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This looks pretty interesting. When is the demo going to be uploaded? Thanks